Colorful art and modern sculptures by artist Lee-anne van den Brand

Artist Lee-anne van den Brand creates art in the tradition of the Cobra-group.
Lee-anne van den Brand preference for primitive, figurative shapes and bright colors gives her paintings an endearing character.
Brand works with acryl paint on canvas and paints cats and cows in her own modern figurative way. Colorful landscapes, elephant painting, abstracts and human-figures.
Especially birds are a symbol of freedom to her and the grapes, wich oftenly can be found on the paintings, symbolizes a Burgandian lifestyle.

Brand outlines her paintings with thick bold black lines and fills the spaces with primary and contrasting colors.
Thereafter Brand mixes acrylic paint and a medium, an elastic substance, and fills a veterinary syringe with it.
Than she pours the paint in a thick, bold, edgy way on the canvas that characterizes a Brand painting!
The 4,4 centimeters wide sides of the canvas are included in her paintwork therefor the painting can be put on the wall directly as a complete artwork.

Brand makes extra-ordinary and big sculptures and paintings, often also as a 2- or 3-hatch.

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