About the artworks

The paintings are painted on high quality canvas with wooden 3D frames made of sturdy northern European coniferous wood.
After the paint is completely air-dried, a good protective varnish is applied over the painting.
The thick black lines surrounding the shapes in the paintings somewhat resembles stained glass.
She also tries, by choosing the bright colors, to approach the beautiful play of colors that you get when the sun shines through stained glass.
All canvases are one of a kind, there is only one of each. Her creations are characterized by simplified figuration, in which the forms are very bold with a lot of relief.
She uses thickening paste and gel under and through her paint to create a 3D look and feel.
This is very characteristic for all her work.
Due to the paint that is applied on the extra wide (4.4 cm) sides of the canvas, no frame is needed.

This cheerful and uncomplicated art is accessible to a large audience and suitable for all ages, including children.
Lee-anne's canvases stimulate their imagination through the primitive shapes and bright basic colors.
It resembles positivity and not only our children. Anyone surrounded by her art will notice the uplifting effect of her work.

Lee-anne also likes to work on larger dimensions.
For example: her largest work was 60 meters long: a yellow wall full of fantasy animals, commissioned by a contractor, an alternative to the Dutch "Aap-noot-mies" shelf of 70 m2 made by the municipality of Rotterdam, which hung in the Hillesluis district in the 90s.
She also fully decorated a small caravan with her paint at the camping fair in Utrecht.
She always finds assignments a fun challenge and is open to everything!
She also painted many electricity houses commissioned bij the municipalty of Rotterdam, they brighten up the streets over there!

She loves painting and making scuptures big and small
These are also for sale in her gallery in Knokke.

Travelling is one of the sources of inspiration. Her travels, another passion of Lee-anne, are a big inspiration.
For example the paintings: 'African fruit dance females' from South Africa, 'the market ladies' from Mexico and Guatemala, 'villages by the sea' from Greece, the 'Masai' from Kenya and the 'Family eating at the table' from Italy.

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